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Making new memories for Mother’s Day

What’s your favourite memory with your mum? Just the two of you hitting the shops before a very big slice of cake in your favourite café. The whole family gathered at a fancy restaurant to celebrate her special birthday. When you managed to get theatre tickets for that show everyone was talking about. Or just your weekly swim and catch up at the local pool?

A lot of our favourite things to do with our mums have been off the cards in the last year, but with Mother’s Day coming up, chances are what your mum would really like is the opportunity to make new memories. And whether you’ve seen your mum lots during lockdown, or only through the wonders of Zoom, there’s a memory waiting to happen for everyone with Town and City Gift Cards.

If you haven’t been able to see your mum much in the pandemic, Mother’s Day is all about looking forward to being together again. To hugs, days out, leisurely meals, pampering and the joy of just spending time in each other’s company once more. When you buy a Town and City Gift Card for your local area, not only can it be posted straight to your mum with a gift message but, once places start opening up, it can be spent on everything from hotels, restaurants, shopping, wellbeing, leisure and more.

What about the mum you’ve seen lots of during lockdown? Maybe you’ve been in the same house, with the same routine, and doing the same walk. Every. Single. Day.  A Town and City Gift Card could be a chance to love where you live again. To discover new places, like that new restaurant your mum has always fancied visiting, or that boutique that has the best window display. Plus, that feeling of belonging when you can visit much loved local haunts once more.

And what about you? If you’re a mum with little ones then you deserve a Mother’s Day treat too and wellbeing and a little you-time is surely what you need.  50% of parents reported being stressed by social distancing and the strains of home schooling (often accompanied by work).  So, if a little self-gifting is on the cards, a Town and City Gift Card means a coffee with a pal and a full debrief, an afternoon of shopping that has nothing to do with groceries, or even escaping on your own for a blissful hour or two to get your hair or nails done.

So, whether you’re buying a Town and City Gift Card to say ‘mum, I can’t wait to see you again and make some new memories together’, or ‘mum, let’s ditch the house and get out and about enjoying ourselves’. Or even ‘you have completely earned this’ as you buy a Town and City Gift Card for yourself, the only thing we have to say is- mums everywhere, you’ve done an amazing job and we salute you. Happy Mother’s Day!